Publié par Ark-Aïk – Composé en 2004 – Merci : Marion, Ybrid, Di-Om


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The first release to come from the French act Lingouf under the Normandy-based Ark-Aïk label, “Internazional Fratricide”, sounds positively great.
Still, since great needs a basis before it is thrown around, especially in a genre such as rhythmic electronics, with its over-saturation of same-old “4/4s, jackhammers and washing machines over frequency sweeps” sound. And it is here, where the record displays enough uniqueness to easily blast away all those records that merely blast speakers, in a display of powerful, aggressive and inspired musicianship.
Through ample use of samples and ambiences, Lingouf creates an excellent atmosphere upon which the multiple layers of sound are placed. From the ever-shifting drums and beats to the outlandish synthworks that highlight the overall air of bizarreness exhibited throughout the ten tracks of this full length release, everything is placed and paced exquisitely, with a maturity only displayed by some of the top artists in the genre (Iszoloscope, Cdatakill and even Venetian Snares springing to mind). The most striking example is track ten, “Warofile”, where Lingouf resorts to Counter-Strike weapon samples and circus-like synths as building blocks, and still manages to create a masterfully demented structure of top-notch experimental breakcore. Apart from musical talent, the album also showcases some fascinating artwork that follows in the same vein of colourful insanity as the music, with bright-coloured Burton-esque imagery that fits perfectly with the musical experience that “Internazional Fratricide” offers.
A true gem, followed by more excellent releases (such as the latest 2007 album, “Ecritomate”), Lingouf’s first offering is a real masterpiece that pretty much pummels a great amount of releases, on its way in the disc collection of anyone. Anyone who is somewhat serious about their marvellously wicked and powerful breakcore, that is.  George Mouratidis