Publié par Ark-Aïk – Composé en 2005


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This remix from Gypsy songs into a speedcore is a pure delivious moment from the most crazy badtatse ! Also enjoy the Intempestive harsh kicking hardcore… Violent shit !!

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Vincent Ingouf, alias Lingouf, is a rather prolific musician from the French hardcore scene, with a significant discography that reaches back to 2000 and of which “Ecritomate” is the latest chapter. In addition to his musical production, Lingouf is also a visual artist in his own right as well, being responsible for the artwork of his own records and also his website which is a world in itself.
Listening to “Ecritomate” it immediately becomes apparent that Lingouf’s music goes way beyond the limitations of gabber/hardcore and breakcore, as he incorporates a variety of oddball elements from other sources – musical and other – and injects a very peculiar form of humour into it. The first idea that popped into my mind after listening to this album was that it would be the ideal soundtrack to Roman Dirge’s “Lenore, the cute dead girl”, if Lenore was pumped full of amphetamines and went on an innocent and happy murder frenzy accompanied in her march by cute killer fluffy bunnies (there is a track called “La polka des petits lapins”). Yes, “Ecritomate” is that cartoony, intense, happy and, more important, insane. And it works extremely well too.
If something is deserving of the definition ‘insane & psychotic party music’, Lingouf’s music is it. Musically quite diverse and seemingly chaotic, “Ecritomate” could easily give some of Venetian Snares’ harder material a run for its money due to the sheer intensity, variety and insanity of the compositions presented. Tracks like “Jeankiri Jeankipleur” (which kicks off the aural ride), “Raymond-S Reu-reumix”, “La polka des petits lapins” and the epic and operatic “Farinailice” are sure to cause an impression.
Production-wise, “Ecritomate” is close to flawless with superb sound quality while the music is certain to be extremely engaging and appealing, with hard and fast compelling beats, simple melodies and excellent sample choice and placement. Those that like their music fast, intense and a bit on the chaotic side will certainly be at home with this album. Nevertheless, “Ecritomate” can get a somewhat tiresome as Lingouf offers few moments of respite to the listener, who is taken on a non-stop roller-coaster ride for the duration of the album, and on a few occasions the compositions border on the cacophonic. Overall it is one hell of a ride and worth every penny of the admission price.
Lingouf’s artwork must also be mentioned. While there isn’t much of it in “Ecritomate” (when compared to the previous release “Internazionale Fratricide”) there is enough to show that even in this field, Lingouf eschews the stereotypes of the genre and delivers his own personal vision of wicked cartoon humour. Miguel de Sousa